We are now a participating provider for:

Optum/UnitedHealthCare - Health Allies Discount and VA Community Care Network (VA Approved Referral Process)

Optum/UnitedHealthCare Discount Benefits Program

Effective january 1, 2020, we will be participating in the

"Optum/UnitedHealthCare Discount Benefits Program 20%" This is for members who have either used up their benefits under their existing medical plan or do not have access to massage as part of their

standard coverage. Patients pay directly at time of service.

You may also be eligible for coverage under your medical

plan. The eastiest way to find out is for you to call your customer service phone number

located on your insurance card and request information on massage therapy coverage. Each insurance company has different rules and conditions for when and how they will pay for massage. 


 This  treatment targets specific problems that have been diagosed by a physician, with specific outcome being the basis for treatment.  The following can be basis for medical massage: auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, workmans Comp. etc.  Patient must present a script from a physician and a complete treatment guideline  must be followed. 


NB:  If your policy requires a prescription you need to have your physician write the  following information on the script:

Diagnosis code

Frequency of treatments eg. 2xweek for 12 weeks

Physician's NPI#

State that massage is medically necessary

Once we receive the completed verification of benefits form from you, we will contact your insurance company and ask for pre-approval along with their coverage guidelines. 


 Patient pays at time of service and then submit the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement. You may also pay at time of service, we submit the bill and reimburse you when we receive payment from the insurance company. With either option, payment is due at the time of service.